100th FVJC – Ski Camp 2019

The Vaud Youth Federation (FVJC) is a group of more than 200 Youth Societies with 8,300 members from all over the canton and it is part of the circle large cantonal associations, called the “Big 7”.

The FVJC nicknamed by its members “le Fédé” was created in 1919 with a goal of bringing together young people from the canton of Vaud in various events. These events allow young people from the four corners of the ‘Pays de Vaud’ to compete in various sports tournaments, acquiring a wealth of knowledge both in community life and in the organisation of events. It further allows participants to take responsibility and above all else, to come together with a spirit of solidarity, friendship and fraternity. The Federation is divided into four regions: the North, the foot of the Jura, the Broye and the Center.

In 2019, this intergenerational association will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Therefore, an organising committee was created in 2014 to prepare a year of jubilee celebrations! Starting in 2018, events have already begun taking place to begin celebrating the centenary, including the bus “FVJC on tour – on the road for 100 years”. The bus tour passes throughout the canton, going from village to village, where it is welcomed by the youth societies to promote the activities that will take place during 2019, the 100th anniversary year of the Fédé.

2019 will begin with the ski camp in Les Diablerets on the week-end February 8-9-10, followed by the traditional Rally in Saint-Sulpice in May. Additional events concluding the 100th anniversary will continue throughout the summer!

The year 2019 will be full of beautiful events, starting with our ski camp which will kick-off the “100th anniversary celebrations”!

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